11 Spooky & Inexpensive Halloween Decorations You Can Make Easily!

Do you need some quick, easy, and inexpensive Halloween decorations?  Here are some great ideas you can use to quickly get caught up in creepy holiday spirit.

Spooky Eyes

Make super spooky Halloween eyes to hide in bushes in your front yard.  These are easy to make from toilet paper rolls, glow sticks, and duct tape.  Hide under bushes and in dark corners to scare the ghouls!

Source: Rust and Sunshine


Bloody Handprints

These gruesome bloody handprints are made out of things you probably have around the house.  Although this project is messy, the results are blood-curdling!

Source:  http://kylyssa.hubpages.com/hub/do-it-yourself-bloody-handprint-window-clings


Scary Windows

Make part of a giant Jack-o-Lantern face peering out of one or more windows.  All it takes is black construction paper and some orange tissue paper.

spooky halloween decorations and crafts

Source:  Allyou


Cheesecloth Ghosts

Make adorable (ok, spooky too!) ghosts out of cheesecloth and liquid starch.  Use soda bottles, wire, and styrofoam or balloons to make armature to drape ghost on while it dries.

You’ll need starch, like Sta-Flo liquid starch, or Aleene’s Fabric Stiffener.  I’ve also seen some use spray starch, make their own version out of cornstarch, or even use watered down white glue.

Source:  Clinton’s Craft Corner, The Chew, ABC


Spider Wreath

Glue spiders to a foam wreath that you’ve painted black for a super easy — and creepy decoration for your door!

Scary Spider Wreath

Source:  BHG


Cutout Bats

This is a beautiful, simple idea with a striking effect.  Just cut out a zillion bats and stick them to the wall with double stick tape.  Lovely!  The blog linked below will even point you to a template to download for free.

Source:  Made


Spiderweb for Wall

How to make a creepy spiderweb decoration for your wall or front of house from inexpensive materials (yarn, double stick tape, and plastic spiders).  Ewww, spiders!

Spiderweb 2Source:  The Art of Doing Stuff


Ice Hand

If you’re having a party around Halloween, you simply must use these ice hands in your punch bowl.  All  you need is a surgical glove (be sure to rinse well first) and some bloody-looking punch!

116 frozen hand

Source:  Real Simple


Spider Garland

This spider garland is so easy to make out of a few sheets of paper.  It’s an easy, inexpensive way to dress up your place for Halloween.  The link below will even provide a template for the shape.

Source:  Country Living


Bloody Candles

This one is only for grown ups due to hot wax and flames and all.  The instructions are in French, but the pictures are easy to follow.  Carefully drip a red candle onto a white candle until you achieve the bloody effect you’re after.  Just be very careful not to burn yourself in the process .  Make sure to have a bowl of cold water next to you to immediately dunk any wax that accidentally drips on  your hand into.

déco Halloween bougie ensanglantée

Source:  Sous Notre Toit


Easy Lawn Ghosts

All you need to make these inexpensive lawn ghosts that dance in the wind is white sheets or cheesecloth, garden stakes, and a Styrofoam ball for a head.  Tie and glue them together and let them go!

16 Easy But Awesome Homemade Halloween DecorationsSource:  Listotic


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