12 Fantastic Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin Without Carving!

There is no getting around the fact that carving pumpkins is messy and time-consuming.  To save time and mess, try one of these fabulous ideas for decorating pumpkins without having to scoop their guts out.  They will also last a lot longer!

Painted, Patterned Pumpkins

These adorable pumpkins are very easy to create using acrylic paint and painters tape to make the patterns.

Source:   Country Living


Rhinestone and Spider Pumpkin

With paint, rhinestones, and plastic spiders, you can make these glamorous pumpkins.

Source:  BHG


Glitter Pumpkins

Use spray adhesive or white glue to paint part or all of pumpkins.  Sprinkle with glitter while adhesive is still wet.  Shake off the excess and you’ll have beautiful, glam pumpkins!

Glitter Pumpkins

Source:  HGTV


Monogrammed Pumpkin

This tutorial shows you how to create a sophisticated monogrammed pumpkin using paint and a word processing program to create the large monogram.

Source:  The Butlers


Tape-Decorated Pumpkin

A simple and striking effect can be created using Washi tape on a pumpkin.

Pumpkins decorated with tape

Source:  Real Simple


Painted Pumpkins

These unique pumpkins are created by painting the pumpkin with an acrylic paint base.  The base is then decorated with dimensional fabric paint and scratching into the base coat with a toothpick.  A very interesting and pretty effect is achieved!





Source:  Alisa Burke


Black and White Painted Pumpkins

These chic, bold pumpkins can be made using regular craft paint, brushes, and a paint pen.

black and white pumpkins

Source:  Country Living


Rustic Jute-Covered Pumpkins

These rustic pumpkins covered in jute can be used for Halloween and stick around through Thanksgiving.  All it takes is jute and a glue gun.  (Be careful with that hot glue – always have a bowl of cold water next to you so you can plunge your hand in the water if the glue touches you.)

Source:  That’s My Letter


Chalkboard Pumpkin

My favorite way to decorate a pumpkin without carving — use brush-on or spray-on chalkboard paint to make any pumpkin a changeable work of art!

Make a Chalkboard Pumpkin for an Easy, Mess-Free Halloween Decoration

Source:  Lifehacker


Decoupaged Pumpkin

Use photocopies of favorite images from books (or printouts, napkins, wrapping paper, tissue paper) to decoupage a lovely pumpkin.  Use a decoupage medium (like Mod Podge).

Source:  Country Living


Funny Face Pumpkins

This is a fun idea.  Draw faces on pumpkins.  Use twigs for noses and then add hats and sunglasses to make funny characters.

Pumpkins with FacesSource:  BHG


Button Pumpkin

Buttons, glue, and a bow are all you need to make this cute pumpkin.  You could also experiment with faces.

Ghostly Greeting Pumpkin

Source:  BHG



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