9 Unique Christmas Wreaths You Can Make

If, like me, you are tired of the same-old, same-old in Christmas decorations, use this collection of unique, easy-to-make wreaths to liven up your home for the holidays.


Cork Wreath

If you’ve been saving a collection of wine bottle corks, here is the perfect project for you.  What I love most about this unique wreath is that is can serve year round if you change the Christmasy bits.

Source:  Design Improvised


Felt Ball Wreath

A felted ball wreath is a refreshing change from the usual wreaths we see everywhere.  You can make felted balls yourself from wool or buy them and sew or glue them onto a wreath form.

Holiday HowTo: DIY Felt Ball Wreath

Source:  Pickles


Peppermint Wreath

Who knew that peppermint candy (plus Red Hots) glued onto a wreath form could create such a lovely wreath?  I find it quite striking and looks like fun to make.

peppermint wreathSource:  My Blessed Life


Ornament and Wire Hanger Wreath

One of my favorites, this wreath is inexpensive and quick to make.  It’s also fun for the kids to help.  Bend a wire hanger into a circle, untwist the top, string with lots of cheap ornaments (glue tops on if necessary), and finish with a bow.

Source:  Six Sisters


Yarn Ball Wreath

This yarn ball wreath looks great – homey and festive.  I think using different shades of green adds a lot of interest.

yarn christmas wreath 015a

Source:  Recaptured Charm


Fabric Candy Cane Wreath

Use folded squares of stiff fabric (such as canvas) and pin on a wreath form.  Add a ribbon and you have a lovely and unique wreath.

Source:  Whipperberry


Cinnamon Stick Wreath

I love the unique and simple design of this wreath.  Glue cinnamon sticks onto a flat wreath form and finish with a ribbon.  I would probably glue one more layer of sticks offset on top of the first layer.

Cinnamon stick wreath

Source:  The Frugal Homemaker


Paper Star Wreath

My origami-loving kids and I will definitely be making this one soon.  Folded paper stars are glued onto a wire wreath form.  Gorgeous and so unique.

paper star wreath

Source:  Good Housekeeping


Wood Slice Wreath

One of the most unique Christmas wreaths — my very favorite — is this stunning one made from a wood slice from a tree.  Of course you need a big, old tree and someone who can cut you a slice with a chainsaw, so this isn’t as easy as the other wreaths in this post.  Boy, is it worth it though!  In this case the author used a tree that had been blown down by Hurricane Sandy, making it a literal slice of history.   What a gorgeous result.

Source:  East Coast Creative





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