Simple Christmas Decorations You Can Easily Make Yourself!

With a family and a million things to do like everyone else, I really need Christmas decorating to be quick and simple.  Oh, and also, cheap – there is rarely any extra money around to spend on expensive decorations.  Creating crafty seasonal decorations is also a way for us to spend quality family time together during the busy holiday season.  My tweens and teens still love doing these projects.

Following are some fabulous ideas for simple Christmas decorations that make a big impact yet are quite simple to make and don’t cost a lot either!


Bow Wreath

This is a quick and inexpensive decoration that will immediately make your place exude Christmas charm.  Just glue inexpensive bows onto a wreath form.  Limit the number of different colors for a sophisticated palette or go wild with a riot of fun colors.

Source:  Design Improvised


Poinsettia Wreath

Here is another wreath idea that is simple but quite impactful.  Glue or wire artificial poinsettia leaves onto a wreath form for a beautiful front door.


Source:  Design Improvised


Santa Hat Chair Covers

This project is the most fun ever.

Last year, I was having a lot of trouble finding any Christmas spirit in the wake of my father’s recent passing.  My then 13-year-old daughter took it upon herself to make the house more cheerful.

She had recently taken a sewing class in school and was excited to try out her new skills.  I bought her felt for this project and she proceeded to make 8 of these adorable chair covers in a long afternoon all by herself.  It requires only basic sewing skills or I bet you could use fusible tape as an alternative.

Our chair covers may not be perfectly sewn but they make such a great impression.  Everyone who came to our house during the holiday season exclaimed over them.  It immediately made our entire house feel better.  I was so grateful for these fun decorations.  The best part is that they are easy to store and totally reuseable!  We look forward to pulling these out again this year.

Source:  Make It & Love It


String Art Christmas Tree/Card Holder

Here is a delightful idea for holding holiday cards or using as a tree is a small apartment.  This one uses clear 3M hooks instead of nails.  I might do this one on a separate large sheet of plywood because I like the rustic look of nails, but this is a great option if you don’t want to put holes in the wall.

String wall christmas tree

Source:  My Poppet


Geometric Paint Chip Christmas Tree

Speaking of wall-based Christmas trees (aka, flat), here is another great version.  I love how modern this looks.  Is there anyone who doesn’t have a box full of paint chips lying around the house?  I can’t relate to those people.  I am definitely making this.

Source:  The Red Thread


Cinnamon-Applesauce Ornaments/Gift Tags

Every house needs some deliciously yummy smells wafting about at Christmastime.  My kids and I have made these before as ornaments for the tree.  They are fun to make and smell delightful.  We have had some last for several years (I lightly sand them the next year to refresh the smell).

The idea shown below to use these adorable creations as gift tags is utterly charming.

Source:  Big City Little Joys


Advent Calendar

Here is a fabulous idea for an Advent calendar.  It uses small paper mache boxes of various sizes and strong magnets to attach them to a magnet board.  Paint the little boxes and then decorate with the number however you’d like.  You can use stickers, stamps, decoupage, printouts, etc.  Maybe even just have your kids draw the numbers on.  Then just put small treats or special surprises in the boxes!  This is a very flexible and attractive way to create an Advent calendar.

Source:  Lil Pink Pocket


Paper Chain Garland

An oldie, but a goodie.  The old-fashioned paper chain that we made in Kindergarten gets updated by using lovely scrapbook paper.  What fun!

Source:  Good Housekeeping


Recycled Magazine Christmas Trees

These are great to make while watching tv as it is easy but rather mindless to fold all the pages.  The results are very cute.  I like to put an ornament on top of the trees (I’ve made stars or balls from polymer clay or you can just glue a small ornament on) and sprayed lightly with a glitter spray paint (I like the magazines to still be reconizable because I think they look very cool).  The kids have even made some to give as gifts to relatives – they loved them!


Source:  Martha Stewart


Happy Holidays!

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