More Simple Christmas Decorations you can make yourself

Here are more simple, but fabulous, decorations you can make yourself.  There are more ideas in our first Simple Christmas Decorations post.


Paper Christmas Trees

Modern and stylish mini Christmas Trees can be used as a centerpiece or on a mantel.

Source:  Good Housekeeping


Glitter Animal Ornaments

This is one of the most adorable ideas ever!  All you need are plastic animals (totally going to raid the bin of animals my kids have outgrown!) and spray paint.  The hardest part is drilling a hole to insert an eyelet.  Make sure it is at the balance point of the weight of the animal instead of the visual middle.  If using glitter spray paint, make sure you use the sealer spray made for it because it comes off on everything!

created at: 12/08/2011

Source:  Curbly


TP Roll Star/Snowflake Tree Topper

These come out surprisingly attractive considering what they’re made from!  Glue together strips cut from toilet paper rolls and paint if desired.

Snowflake Tree Topper

Source:  All Things Paper


Lego Ornaments

My Lego-fanatic son will go wild for these ornaments!  We will definitely be making some this year.  There are instructions for many different kinds.  Great ideas!

Source:  Chris McVeigh


Woven Paper Ornament

Use strips of paper to weave these decorative balls.

Source:  The Cheese Thief


Salt Dough Snowflakes

Beautiful salt dough ornaments are painted and decorated with a pen.  It makes a beautiful and elaborate design that feels homey to me.

Salt Dough Snowflake OrnamentsSource:  Scissors and Spoons

And another beautiful decorated salt dough version:

salt dough ornament snowflakes Diy: Salt Dough OrnamentsSource:  Katy Elliott


Pinecone Flower Garland

Here is a gorgeous garland made from pinecones.  They actually cut off pieces of pinecone and glue them back together in flower shapes.  With a bit of paint, the effect is lovely.

Source:  Two Shades of Pink


Glitter Christmas Ornaments

You can make beautiful glittery ornaments from empty glass (or plastic!) balls, some floor finish (to adhere the glitter to the inside of the ball), and glitter.  The results look great and the mess is all contained inside.

glitter ornaments handmade with clear plastic bulbs

Source:  The Ornament Girl


Newspaper Wrapped Ornaments

Another great idea to use up old newspapers, catalogs, magazines, or even fabric.  These are rolled up then twisted and glued to styrofoam balls.

Source:  Offbeat and Inspired



Great instructions to create 5 or 6 pointed stars.  While not only Christmas decorations, we made many in different sizes using Christmas scrapbook papers and strung them across one point with clear line.  Hung on a wall, they are gorgeous!

Source:  Kate’s Creative Space


Easy Sparkly Candles

This is a wonderful and super easy centerpiece idea!  Just coat candles in Decoupage medium (like Mod Podge) and roll them in Epsom salt.  When they are arranged on a tray with more Epsom salt and a few sprigs, they make a beautiful and simple table!

Christmas centerpiece ideas: sparkle candles

Source:  Midwest Living


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